Americanism Breakfast Wows Scouts at #NAM2015

Americanism Breakfast Wows Scouts at #NAM2015

One of the most long-awaited and popular events of #NAM2015 delighted Scouters and Scouts from across the nation with a breakfast few are likely to forget. Sponsored by the National Eagle Scout Association, the Americanism Breakfast concluded this morning and featured some of the most outstanding Scouts in Boy Scouts of America.

Emceed by Eagle Scout and the Weather Channel’s “Fat Guys in the Woods” television host Creek Stewart, attendees laughed and cheered as he shared inspiring stories and wisdom from his Scouting adventures through the years. The audience also learned a thing or two about surviving in the wilderness. Survival tip videos were sprinkled throughout the event from his show and Creek taught (or reminded, for those who already knew!) Scouts how to build specialized fires along with other Scout skills. 

Recipients of the three largest BSA scholarships were honored at the breakfast and the Scouting Alumni Association also announced this year’s National Alumnus of the Year. Distinguished Eagle Scout and Scouting Alumni Association Chairman Ed Pease accepted the award and thanked his Scoutmaster, father and other alumni for helping him along the way.

“There are millions of Americans whose lives have been touched, whose lives have been changed by Scouting,” said Pease. “Everyone in this room is an example of that and everyone of us has had his or her Scouting experience made possible because there was some other person who has devoted time and energy, concern and compassion and care to be sure Scouting was there for the next generation, as it had been for them. Proudly speaking, to call these people Scouting alumni.”

A standing ovation followed Pease’s heartwarming speech.

Creek took to the stage again and shared the moment in which he discovered his true calling in life – wilderness survival. After nearly hunting down a crow on his college campus, Creek came to the realization that his original life plan (pharmacy school) wasn’t for him. Overcome with emotion, Creek’s heart for Scouting poured into the room as he spoke about reaching your dreams, despite hardships faced along the way.

“Nothing in life worth having comes easy,” shared Stewart. “Sometimes you have to eliminate the noise in your life to hear your true calling.”

And just before the ceremony came to a close, NESA President Glenn A. Adams awarded Eagle Scout Stewart Creek with one of Scouting’s highest honors: the Outstanding Eagle Scout Award. After breakfast he expressed  how special the award is to him. Check out his response in the video clip below:

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Americanism Breakfast Wows Scouts at #NAM2015
Americanism Breakfast Wows Scouts at #NAM2015
Americanism Breakfast Wows Scouts at #NAM2015