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Rochelle Randles is a communications specialist at the Boy Scouts of America. She enjoys sharing incredible adventure stories within the Scouting community and beyond. If you have story ideas or questions, reach out to us at

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Watch: Community Policing Is Changing Lives in Las Vegas

February 7, 2017 3:19 pm Published by

Meet Keith, an Explorer from Post 725 of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Keith loves the city of Las Vegas; after all, it’s his home. So when he began to think about his future, he wanted to

This Handy Merit Badge is Red-Hot!

April 26, 2017 8:29 pm Published by

Earning a merit badge isn’t just about donning colorful new additions to your uniform. More importantly, it’s about building new skills and uncovering a passion for something you may not have tried otherwise. Thanks to BSA’s partnership with

Ben Blumenberg Announced as the Scout Executive of Sagamore Council

April 26, 2017 7:18 pm Published by

Join us in congratulating Ben Blumenberg, who will serve as the Scout executive of Sagamore Council in Kokomo, Indiana, effective May 16. Ben began his Scouting career as a district executive at Greater St. Louis Area Council in St.

Discover Your STEM Potential By Following This One Piece of Advice

April 19, 2017 3:30 pm Published by

If you want to know about cutting-edge inventions that help people, exciting experiments, and all-around STEM power (science, technology, engineering, and math), who better to talk to than a STEM Scout? That’s exactly what Time for Kids magazine’s “kid

Bill Garrett Named Scout Executive of Del-Mar-Va Council

March 27, 2017 1:35 pm Published by

We are pleased to announce the selection of Bill Garrett as Scout executive of Del-Mar-Va Council in Wilmington, Delaware, effective May 1. Bill began his Scouting career as a district executive at Buckskin Council in Charleston, West Virginia.

Sonya Greene Announced as Scout Executive of Greater Yosemite Council

March 23, 2017 3:08 pm Published by

Join us as we welcome Sonya Greene, who will serve as Scout executive of the Greater Yosemite Council in Modesto, California, effective May 1, 2017. Sonya began her Scouting career in 2000 as a district executive at the Baltimore

How This Partnership Is Shaping the Future of Health Care

March 21, 2017 4:34 pm Published by

Story by Stacey Hull of Memorial Health System: Memorial Health System is a community-based, not-for-profit health care organization in Illinois, dedicated to patient care, education, and research.  In October 2016, Memorial Health System partnered with Southern Illinois School of Medicine

Doug Nelson Named Scout Executive of Northeast Illinois Council

March 21, 2017 3:08 pm Published by

Douglas Nelson has been named Scout executive of Northeast Illinois Council in Highland Park, Illinois, effective April 16, 2017. Doug began his Scouting career as a district executive at the Anthony Wayne Area Council in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Don Shepard Announced as the Scout Executive of Michigan Crossroads Council

March 21, 2017 2:57 pm Published by

Congratulations to Donald D. Shepard Jr. who will serve as Scout executive of the Michigan Crossroads Council in Lansing, Michigan, effective May 1, 2017. Don began his Scouting career as a district executive at Buckskin Council in Charleston,

Listen: March Episodes of ScoutCast, CubCast, & ExploringCast are Here!

March 15, 2017 5:46 pm Published by

The latest episodes of CubCast, ScoutCast, and ExploringCast are now available! These monthly podcasts are chock-full of fresh tips and how-tos you’re sure to love, whatever your role in Scouting may be. March brings a podcast lineup you won’t want