Eagle Scout Shares 11 Ways Scouting Prepares Kids for College

Eagle Scout Shares 11 Ways Scouting Prepares Kids for College

Is your Cub Scout ready for college? Probably not just yet – but your older Boy Scout is!

Ok, ok, we can’t say for certain your high school senior is feeling 100% ready about leaving the nest in the fall, but according to one Eagle Scout in college, Scouting definitely gives kids a leg up when it comes to taking on the challenges that higher education throws at them.

Eagle Scout James S. shared how he thinks the BSA prepares Scouts for college in his recent Odyssey post, “11 Boy Scout Skills That Prepare You for College.” Read on to discover the ways Scouting prepped James and you’ll likely agree.

How Scouts Are Prepared for College

“Scouting played a huge role in making me who I am today,” explained the Eagle. “Today, I am a college student. To most people, they believe that Scouting only teaches you to build fires and set up tents, but Scouting truly teaches you so much more.”

  1. Scouts Tying Knots

    Knot tying comes in handy on campus or on a campout.

    Tying Knots: “Anyone who has to deal with moving and transporting equipment has had to know a good knot or two to hold everything together,” said James. “It also applies to moving in and out of dorms.”

  2. Time Management: “Five merit badges each month sounds easy right? Having to work with a merit badge counselor, Scoutmaster, whoever manages the merit badges, and not to mention getting all the requirements done can get a little complicated,” explained James. “It takes time and planning to make sure you can get everything done on time.” The same principle applies to college group projects and homework assignments, says the Eagle. The key is goal setting. 
  3. Teamwork: “Being in the Boy Scouts has allowed me to meet and work with a variety people from many walks of life,” said the Scout. “Those experiences have allowed me to enhance my own teamwork abilities, and thus help my team.” James says this skill comes in handy when faced with study groups, lab partners and group projects at school. 
  4. Leadership: James believes it’s important to know when to take the reins – but that doesn’t necessarily mean become a group’s head honcho. “The most important form of leadership I learned was servant leadership,” shared James. “The team does not work for you, you work WITH the team. I have found this form of leadership to be most applicable to those in leadership positions of clubs. The best way to improve a club is to lead the way, not tell the members which way to go and watch them wander.”

    A Scout doesn’t have to survive solely on Ramen in college.

  5. Cooking: “Cooking in Scouts has taught me how to properly nourish myself on my own,” said the Eagle. “I’ve learned how to make the best, quick cold cut sandwiches and can cook up an exquisite meal using only leftovers. Being the grubmaster on campouts has also taught me to be thrifty when buying enough food, even finding good deals for a little extra.” 
  6. Adaptability: “Thanks to Scouting, I have had the opportunity to travel to many places and do many things I would have not been able to without,” shared James. “Going to all of these places and doing so many activities usually required me to get used to a new environment.” James says college students must learn the importance of adapting to new surroundings and experiences – just as Scouting teaches.  

For the complete list of college-prepping Scout skills, head to the Eagle Scout’s original story, “11 Boy Scout Skills That Prepare You for College.” Also, check out some scientific reasons backing up the value of Scouting. What would you add to this Eagle’s list? Share with us in the comments below!

Hayley Cordaro

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Eagle Scout Shares 11 Ways Scouting Prepares Kids for College
Eagle Scout Shares 11 Ways Scouting Prepares Kids for College
Eagle Scout Shares 11 Ways Scouting Prepares Kids for College
Eagle Scout Shares 11 Ways Scouting Prepares Kids for College