Let’s Hear It for the Sea Scouts!

Let’s Hear It for the Sea Scouts!

Join us in welcoming the Sea Scouts as the newest independent program in Scouting. The nautical aficionados of the Scouting world have officially joined the ranks of the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturing as a separate BSA program.

Sea Scouting had formally been a part of Venturing since 1998, but as of February, 2016, these seafaring Scouts are now the proud members of an independent program, set apart by distinct skills.

Bryan on Scouting recently shared a post explaining how this long-time Venturing arm became a focused program at the 2016 National Executive Board and Committee Meetings in Irving, Texas.

More Than a Century of Sea Scouting

Did you know maritime skills are an age-old Scouting tradition?  Lord Baden-Powell’s older brother, Warington literally wrote the book on it!

One night around a campfire, Lord Baden Powell shared his hopes for the future of Scouting, explaining that it would benefit older Scouts to develop boat management and seamanship skills.

After hearing his younger brother’s wish, Warington Baden-Powell wrote the book Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys.

The adventurous new program quickly sailed its way to the States and in 1912, the Sea Scouts were founded in America. Now, after 104 years of loyal Scouting, the Sea Scouts are their own unique BSA program.

If cruising the water piques your interest, learn how you can join the boatmen of the BSA on the Sea Scout website.

Landlocked? No problem. Sea Scouting offers programs on rivers and lakes as well, so you can start building your maritime mastery just about anywhere.

Be sure to read Bryan’s full article to discover the exciting things the program’s leadership has planned for the coming year.

Do you know any Sea Scouts? Share your aquatic Scouting stories with us in the comments below!

Rochelle Randles

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Let’s Hear It for the Sea Scouts!
Let’s Hear It for the Sea Scouts!
Let’s Hear It for the Sea Scouts!
Let’s Hear It for the Sea Scouts!