Media Buying

Maximize Your Advertising Budget


Spurred by the adoption of digital technologies, media buying has changed dramatically in recent years. Whether you’re advertising through traditional methods or engaging your audience online, there are many nuances that each platform presents. We know that marketing at a local level within the Boy Scouts of America can take many shapes, but there are some fundamental steps that should be taken to ensure your advertising efforts are as successful as possible. The following resources are designed to arm you with the knowledge, methodology, and tactics to make informed decisions and create a strategy that will work well for your council.

  • Media Buying Playbook

    Whether you’re new to media buying or looking to increase your knowledge, the media buying playbook is your source for current trends, best practices, and ideas.

  • Advertising Collateral

    Access the BSA Brand Center for official BSA video and print collateral for your next ad campaign.