Take Boys’ Life on the Go With the Official App!

Take Boys’ Life on the Go With the Official App!


Anywhere, any time, any place is a good time for Boys’ Life magazine.

March 1 marks the 105th birthday of Boys’ Life, and to celebrate, the classic publication has a great gift for readers of all ages: the official Boys’ Life app!

Readers will still get all the content they love — Scouts in Action, jokes, cartoons and super Scouting outings, but now digital subscribers will get even more. To experience the apps in all of their glory, you’ll have to see them for yourself, but here are just a few of the fresh features you’re going to love:

  • New multimedia content like videos and slideshows
  • Easy social media sharing
  • Access to over a century of magazine archives

Digital subscribers of Boys’ Life can buy almost any single copy dating to the very first issue, published March 1, 1911.

But that’s not all — soon, you will also be able to download the official Scouting magazine app, making both of these Scouting publications available wherever you need them.

Scouting magazine subscribers will have direct access to all of that publication’s content from 1913 to today. This means you can have every issue of Boys’ Life and Scouting magazine ever produced, right in your in your pocket!

How to Find the Apps

You can find the Boys’ Life app and soon, the Scouting magazine app, on any app store; all you have to do is search “Boys’ Life magazine” and “Scouting magazine USA” or try “BSA” (the UK Scout Association has already published its Scouting magazine) and you’re on your way to discovering your new favorite Scouting tools.

Scouting_MA_iphoneWe’ve also got great news for all you gadget geniuses out there: the Boys’ Life magazine app is available for Apple Watch so you can wear your love for Scouting on your sleeve.

Both apps are free to download and once either app is opened, you may elect to purchase an annual subscription for either magazine.

Current subscribers to the print version of Boys’ Life will receive the digital subscription for free. To access the app, all you’ll need to do is input your account number, which is located on your magazine’s address label. Those who are not subscribed can buy a digital subscription through the app, or they can subscribe at the half-price “Scout rate” using special promo code FBTW0216 on the Boys’ Life website.

Subscriptions to the digital Scouting — which includes the entire 103-year Scouting archive — will be available via in-app purchase for just $4.99 a year.

Boys’ Life and Scouting magazines publish quality information and entertainment for a wide variety of audiences, and you don’t have to be a registered Scouter to subscribe. Have you downloaded the Boys’ Life app yet? Tell us what you think in the comments!



Rochelle Randles

Rochelle Randles is a communications specialist at the Boy Scouts of America. She enjoys sharing incredible adventure stories within the Scouting community and beyond. If you have story ideas or questions, reach out to us at communications@scouting.org.


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Take Boys’ Life on the Go With the Official App!
Take Boys’ Life on the Go With the Official App!
Take Boys’ Life on the Go With the Official App!
Take Boys’ Life on the Go With the Official App!