BSA Brand Identity

Telling the Scouting Story



Consider this your compass to the Boy Scout brand.

CellPhone Let’s set a course for success. Together we’ll find the best path to maintaining the Boy Scouts of America® brand. For more than 100 years, Scouting has been a symbol of adventure, excitement, and achievement. Providing once-in-a-lifetime experiences that prepare the next generation of boys for a lifetime of opportunity is serious business that couldn’t be more fun. Rappelling a cliff. Shooting the rapids. Creating a one-sided, two-color recruitment flier. All can be a white-knuckle ride if you aren’t outfitted with the proper gear. Have no fear. The Brand Identity Guide ontains all the tools you need to craft messages that kids will want to hang on their bedroom walls. If trademarks, fonts, and usage standards are your camp kit, then our national theme is the square knot securely holding the brand in place. So, Scout up. Because together we’re blazing a trail into the future.

Purpose of This Document

The Scouting uniform is one of the most recognizable elements of the Boy Scouting brand.
Timeless, classic … and uniform.

From Dallas to Des Moines, Boy Scouts across America wear the same tan twill shirt, the same badges of rank, and the same style of neckerchief. Their troop and council badges may differ, but the visual language is the same. This uniformity creates familiarity, and with it, admiration. In that same spirit, we present to the world a unified look and feel in our brand “uniform.” If we follow these guidelines, parents whose Scouts pick up a flier or visit one of our websites will know they can trust it when they see its distinctive color palette. Scouts will know exactly which button to press when they want to share a photo with a fellow Scout. Donors will see their money spent efficiently, and without waste.