BSA Brand Identity

Telling the Scouting Story

Real-World Examples


As with the Boy Scouting uniform, consistency in our corporate communications is important to our professional look and feel. These templates are our standard — it’s your duty to follow it.




Exhibit and Signage Display

When it comes to standing out in a crowd, sometimes less truly is more. Keep signage simple by using approved brand identity elements, fonts, and photography. The Prepared. For Life.® trademark and Boy Scouts of America signature should be used appropriately to strengthen the message and brand.


Architectural Signage

Location and building signs should use approved fonts and colors, and the Boy Scouts of America corporate signature. Signs may be matte-finished in approved colors or rendered in metal or stone. The sign should include the name of the building or facility and the Boy Scouts of America corporate trademark, separated by a vertical line or stacked.


Office Signage

Office signage follows the guidelines set forth in the Brand Identity Guide for Building Signage, located online at: 




Council patches. Patrol emblems. Merit badges. While Scouting insignia seems countless, there is only one method for approved manufacturing. The Boy Scouts of America requires that all patches be manufactured by the Supply Group or an official Boy Scouts of America licensee.

The Boy Scouts of America reviews each request for embroidered use of all brand trademarks as submitted by its licensees. Licensees will facilitate all authorizations with the Boy Scouts of America. Any trademark that is used on a patch not created by the Supply Group or an official Boy Scouts of America licensee is considered an unauthorized use of the BSA’s trademarks. For more information, visit

Branded Products 

Any use of the Boy Scouts of America’s trademarks by any third party on any product, including patches, pins, and T-shirts, requires that the manufacturer of these products be licensed by the Boy Scouts of America National Council. For more information, visit



The Statue of Liberty. Mount Rushmore. The Stars and Stripes. Like the great symbols of our country, Scouting uniforms are among the most recognized icons in our culture..


In addition to creating a sense of pride and belonging, the uniforms exemplify the character, citizenship, and strength each Scout strives to embody

For detailed information on proper uniform wear and placement of badges and insignia, consult the Guide to Awards and Insignia. Also, visit the official BSA uniform website for an interactive source for uniform essentials.

The Boy Scouts of America uniforms and insignia are considered proprietary by the organization and unauthorized use is prohibited.


By its nature, Scouting is fun, bold, thrilling, daring, and adventurous. PowerPoint is not. That’s why it’s important to make every effort to capture the exciting brand personality in your public presentations. Follow these guidelines when creating dynamic presentations:

  • The Boy Scouts of America corporate signature and Prepared. For Life.® tagline should appear on each screen of the presentation.
  • Both elements should be no less than 10 percent of the screen height and may appear either over white or reversed on a black or a dark background.
  • The signature and tagline should appear in approved colors and not be screened back or distorted.
  • To avoid confusion, other logos or brand elements should not be mixed with the signature or tagline.
  • Large-screen, high-definition (16×9) templates, shown below, are available in addition to standard format.
  • Download compliant PowerPoint template here.


Standard Format

Large-screen Format BSA