BSA Brand Identity

Telling the Scouting Story

Digital Color Palettes

Primary BSA Colors

The BSA corporate palette is inspired by the iconic Boy Scout uniform. It includes an American Flag red and blue, paired with a uniform beige and warm button grey.

White is an important component of the color palette, serving as a fifth “color.” All BSA digital designs should incorporate a good amount of literal whitespace, representing the Scout value of cleanliness, as well as a Scout’s love of open spaces.

These five colors may be used by any of the sub-brands, especially the red and blue colors, whose use throughout will serve to unify disparate brands.


Secondary BSA Colors

Related colors, derived from the primary palette, are also available and can be used with their parent colors to create layered effects in layout.


Cub Scouting

Cub Scouts wear a blue cotton uniform accented with distinctive gold stitching.

On the web, projects specific to Cub Scouting should use Cub Scouting Gold as an accent color, as well as plenty of standard Scouting Blue and white.
Scouting Red should be downplayed so it does not detract from
primary Cub Scout colors, but may be used in minor instances (e.g., a website’s footer).


Boy Scouting

The Boy Scouting uniform is a warm tan color, with most of the color interest sourced from applied patches and stitching.

On the web, projects specific to Boy Scouting should use a similarly neutral palette composed mainly of tan, grey, and olive hues, with color coming in with the use of imagery and illustrations.
Scouting Red should be used as an accent or action color.



On Venturing projects, use a color palette that consists primarily of Venturing Green and Venturing Yellow.

The green color is derived from the Venturing uniform, with a slightly brighter hue. Use Venturing Yellow as an accent.
The BSA Corporate Palette may be used in a limited way, with blue, yellow, and tan reserved for BSA required elements such as footers.
The BSA corporate grey hues pair well with Venturing Green and Yellow; white is an important part of all BSA palettes.


Sea Scouting

With its emphasis on water recreation and adventure, Sea
Scouting unsurprisingly uses a marine-inspired palette composed largely of blues and greys, with yellow used as an accent color.

The tan and red of the BSA Corporate palette should be used only in a limited fashion.


Choosing the Correct Color Palette

With five brands working together, choosing the correct color palette for your project can be somewhat confusing. Use the chart below to make your decision.