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Tone And Voice

A Scout is trustworthy….” With this phrase, millions of Scouts over the decades have begun their oath. “Friendly, courteous ..."

These are powerful words that govern the way we speak when we speak for Scouting – and whether we like it or not, when we speak, we do speak for all Scouting, especially in today’s Internet-enabled world.

While much guidance on tone and voice can be found in the BSA “Language of Scouting,” the digital medium has some special qualities to keep in mind as you author web-friendly content:

  • Be direct. Web readers tend to be task-oriented - they are looking for specific information, and they want it quickly. Use active, not passive, voice.
  • Be succinct. Attention spans are shorter online. Use short paragraphs of no more than three — five sentences. Keep word counts to 250 words per page or less.
  • K.I.S.S. Acronyms and technical terms may be second-nature to you, but a new Scout or prospective parent won’t necessarily understand insider language. Keep it simple, Scout.
  • Write for Scanners. People tend to scan digital screens, rather than pore over every word.

Use bulleted lists, short headlines, and relevant imagery to provide quick entry points to content.

How We Speak: Before and After


The National Sea Scout Support Committee is pleased to introduce the New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform (“NCUSSU”). The NCUSSU is an alternate uniform to the current adult and youth dress and work uniforms. It is intended to make it easy for members of newly formed Sea Scout Ships to outfit themselves in a Sea Scout uniform and may be chosen by any unit, new or existing. When chosen by the unit, this universal uniform is worn by all youth and adult Ship members and may serve as both a dress uniform and a work uniform. The New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform will be included in the next edition of the Sea Scout Manual, No. 33239.


New Sea Scout Uniform Available Now The uniform combines dress and work uniforms in one, making it easier for members of newly formed Sea Scout Ships to get started in sailing. Dubbed the “New Century Universal Sea Scout Uniform,” or “New Century Uniform,” the new uniform is:

  • Designed for youth and adult ship members • Both a dress and work uniform
  • An alternate to the current uniform
  • Suitable for all units, new or existing

The new uniform was produced by the National Sea Scout Support Committee. For more information, consult the newest edition of the Sea Scout Manual (No. 33239).<

Tables and Charts

Some information is difficult to convey with just words. Breaking up large blocks of text with tables and charts also has a side benefit of making the reading experience more engaging, providing diversity in format. Some examples are shown.