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HTML Email

Rich email can be one of the most costeffective tools in a digital
marketer’s belt, but it can be complicated by issues
with deliverability, a wide range of recipient devices, and constantly changing technology. The tips at right will help you avoid many common pitfalls.


Email Best Practices


Survey your prospective users about their device ownership before deciding on the development framework you will choose.

Follow BSA standards for color, imagery, and typography to differentiate the design of your app.

Leverage design work that’s already been done by the device manufacturer – follow the design guidelines closely.

Leverage development work that’s already been done by the device manufacturer – use existing toolkits for mapping, interface, and other common tasks, rather than developing your own versions.

Check in with app users after launch to examine new feature requests or ideas for improvement.


Develop apps on a whim. A good app can take months of effort to build, and years to support.

Forget to plan your adoption strategy in the excitement of design and development. How will you promote your new app and train users to install and use it?

Recreate the wheel in development. Many off-the-shelf components and controls come pre-built with existing frameworks, and there’s no need to recreate them.

Forget to test your app on many devices in different operating conditions. Not every user will have the latest hardware or fastest Internet connection.

Leave abandoned apps in public app stores. If development and support have ceased, make it very clear that it’s provided as-is. If the app is no longer functional, take it down.