BSA Brand Identity

Telling the Scouting Story


Considerations & Standards

The BSA maintains an active presence in many social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and considers these sites important to connecting with today’s Scouts.

The BSA has prepared a “Social Media Playbook” you may find helpful in considering your own social media strategy.

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Branding Social Sites

Scouts live their lives out of doors, in the real world, in the moment, and tend to come back to social media to share these experiences with their friends and family.

While most social networks impose a template or framework upon content creators, we can still create a branded presence by using the BSA color, type, image, and design aesthetics creatively – coloring within the lines.


Share Images

Between adventures, social media is also a good place to continue the conversation, plan the next adventure, or gather inspiration from others. It’s our job to create content that facilitates and furthers that goal, and a few examples of good social “share” images are shown at right.