BSA Brand Identity

Telling the Scouting Story



When you think of “Scouting music,” your first inspiration might be campfire songs, and that’s not entirely off-base. Traditional instruments like guitar, harmonica, and piano work well with Scouting’s wholesome feeling, but beware of sounding old-fashioned or folk-y.

Today’s Scouting sounds like an energetic, adventuresome, and progressive interpretation of traditional American blues, folk, and rock.


A driving drum beat and energetic acoustic guitar make this song feel energetic and inspired. A light banjo adds a traditional flair


A talented acoustic guitarist/singer leads the song, with percussion provided by an unseen group of polyrhythmic hand-clappers, giving this vibrant song a modern folk feel.

Real-World Examples

The following videos show how these guidelines have been applied to real-world projects.

Cub Scouting, “Do Your Best. Have Fun Doing It.”

Energetic, big type and quick cuts combine in an interesting and engaging overview of Cub Scouting.

Venturing, “Build an Adventure”

Widely varied camera angles, focal settings, and film speeds make a visually interesting story that captures the experience of Venturing on screen.

Boy Scouting, “Rocketman”

Slow motion and a myriad of interesting camera angles create a cinematic and dramatic snapshot of a day in the life of a Boy Scout, and where that path eventually may lead.