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The Hooked on Scouting program has been developed to leverage the fun activity of fishing in order to reel in new Scouts during the recruiting season. This program will teach young boys all the techniques they need to know to get started along with providing actual hands-on fishing experience! By participating in the program, parents will discover the adventure Scouting can provide their families with the anticipation of experiencing the first time their Scout catches the big one!


md_Full-SizedJPEG-37Your council or district will host a community event for parents and youth to learn the basics of fishing and then get some actual hands-on fishing experience. All of the details (supplies, snacks, instructors, games) will be taken care of by the council or district. All the families need to worry about is having a great time. Through this simple interaction, parents will see the experience, friendships, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that Scouting can offer their children. It’s sort of a “test drive” of the Scouting experience. Scouting employees and volunteers will be on-hand to help with the event, answer any questions, and of course, sign up new Scouts!


Similar to getting ready for an actual fishing trip, it’s important that you have a well thought out plan of attack. Making sure you have all the pieces in place will ensure a successful event, even if the fish aren’t biting. Here are some things you will need to determine ahead of time along with some suggestions to help get you started.

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It doesn’t matter how fun the event is if nobody shows up. Here are a few tried and true tactics you can use to get the word out. Remember to think outside the box and apply them to your community’s specific situation. We have created customizable assets to fit your individual needs that can be found by accessing the BSA Brand Center.


The event itself is organized into eight different stations that families and their Scouts will move through.

  • Recruiting at The Event

    Recruiting at the event itself should occur naturally and organically. When parents and youth have the opportunity to participate in Scouting and see what it’s all about, they tend to be much more responsive to recruiting messages. Be sure to have plenty of recruiting material on-hand and provide opportunities to sign up, but remember to keep it light and informal. Families came here to have a fun time, not to hear a sales pitch.
  • Follow Up

    After the event, it is appropriate to follow up with the parents and families that attended and include them in future council communications. Send an email to new families thanking them for their time and sharing photos or recaps from the event. Include an invitation to join a local pack if they haven’t already. The important thing is to follow up and ensure that those who have a desire to become part of Scouting are able to do so.