The title tag is how you set what the clickable text on your search engine listing will be. For instance,, our title tag is “Boy Scouts of America l Prepared. For life.”

There are two main things to consider when setting the title tag for your pages. First and foremost, it should make it clear to the user what that page is. That means you’ll want to set unique title tags for almost every page on your site. For example, while the above is what our homepage looks like, has a different title tag, which makes it clear the page is about a specific program.


Second, the title tag is yet another place you can use keywords to help search engines understand your site. If you are able to provide a clear user experience while also using high volume keywords, then you should do so. As always though, do not just spam a list of keywords to try an inflate your presence on Google.

And finally, keep your title tags short. While there is technically no limit, the best practice is to try to keep it under 60 characters if you can. And remember, the BSA name is extremely well known and can boost click-through rates. Do not hesitate to use it here, as we did in the example above.

How To

Setting a title tag up in HTML is as simple as using a title tag. In the header of your page, just include:

<title>Build your title here!</title>

If you are using WordPress, edit a page and at the bottom you should see this YoastSEO box.


In the “SEO title” box, just input your desired title tag. Save the changes, and your new listing is ready!

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