As Our Scouts Head Back to School

As Our Scouts Head Back to School

When I think about the Scout law, it reminds me to meet my responsibilities and demonstrate to others that I care. Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on these principles and thought the “back to school” season would be a good time for us to give our young people a refresher on the Scout Law and how it assists them with being Prepared. For Life.™  Let’s take a moment to unpack the 12 points of the Scout Law and see how our Scouts can put them to the test as they head back to school this fall:

  • Trustworthy – Never cheat or deviate from the truth. A good Scout knows how to maintain this powerful philosophy whether it be keeping your eyes on your own paper, or keeping a secret for a friend.
  • Loyal – Support your school at sporting events, or your friends when they are brought up in conversation. Being loyal shows you are caring and supportive.
  • Helpful – Help others any chance you get. Whether it is offering to tutor a younger student, or helping your teacher clean the classroom, your kind actions will speak volumes.
  • Friendly – Befriend someone new. Friendships are essential to Scouting, and school is a place to build great ones. Capitalize on this opportunity by expanding your friend groups.
  • Courteous – Even if something does not go your way — if you’ve made a bad grade on a test, for example — keep calm and try to improve next time.
  • Kind – You know the saying you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Being kind is an important quality necessary to developing strong friendships.
  • Obedient – Listen to your teachers or parents when they advise you on how to act or give you instructions. It might not seem like a good idea at the time, but adults have your best interest in mind.
  • Cheerful – People like to be around happy people. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts that could ruin your day or someone else’s.
  • Thrifty – Be resourceful. Don’t waste your lunch, or focus on material items you or your parents may not be able to afford. Be thankful for what you have.
  • Brave – Stand up to others when necessary. For instance, if someone is being bullied, take steps to help the victim.
  • Clean – We say on campsites “Leave no trace behind.” This motto goes for schools as well. Make sure you and your friends keep the school and school property clean.
  • Reverent – Respect others with your words and actions, and be sure to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Enjoy the new school year, and encourage the young people you mentor and the leaders and parents you work with to put the Scout Law to the test!

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The Chief

Michael Surbaugh is the Chief Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America and a member of the organization's "Key 3" providing leadership and vision to the Scouting movement all across the United States. Find weekly posts at the Chief's Corner on


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As Our Scouts Head Back to School
As Our Scouts Head Back to School
As Our Scouts Head Back to School
As Our Scouts Head Back to School