The 12 Life Lessons Boys Learn in Scouting

The 12 Life Lessons Boys Learn in Scouting

No matter how long boys are Scouts, one thing is certain: Scouting introduces young men to unforgettable experiences and lessons they will remember for a lifetime. Eagle Scout Brian V. from the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council shared the positive impact Scouting has made on his life and explains 12 of the most important lessons he’s learned in the program in a recent story he wrote on The Odyssey Online. Continue reading to discover how Scouting has made a difference to this Eagle.

Scouting Life Lessons

1.Building a fire

Brian says learning how to build a fire was one of the first things he learned in Scouting. “Boys are taught the types of firewood, how to light a fire using various means, how to keep it lit, etc.,” the Scout explained, “Fire building is both fun and important to know.”

2. Roasting the perfect marshmallow

Once Scouts get down the tricks of building a fire, of course they master the art of roasting a camp side marshmallow. Brian says gathering around the fire with marshmallows is what Scouting memories are made of. “Almost every Scout has fond memories of being shown how to roast to a perfect golden brown color, before immediately becoming impatient and lighting the marshmallow on fire,” he said.

3. Whittling with minimal injuries

Scouting teaches young men skills that stick with them forever. Learning how to properly carve wood is just one of Brian’s favorites, even if it can be a little tricky. “It takes a long time,” Brian explains, “but eventually all Scouts can get through an entire wood-carving project with only a few accidents.”

4. Showering only once in an entire week

Not exactly one of the lessons highlighted in the Boy Scout Handbook, yet Brian says mastering a one-shower week is a Scout skill all boys learn on campouts. Though not encouraged – a Scout is clean, after all – but he says every Scout has gotten away with it on a campout. “Yes, almost every young Scout does this. That being said, don’t do this. I know you can get away with it. I know that campfire smoke masks the smell. However, I also know that is gross and a Scout is clean. Please shower everyday, your mother will know if you don’t. Thank you.”

5. Learning what bug juice is

It’s not what you’re thinking, but evidently, it’s something Scouts know. Brian says it’s not actually from bugs…

For the next 7 life lessons this Scout has learned in the program, head to his original story featured on The Odyssey Online where Brian explains the importance of friendship and leadership. What life lessons have you learned throughout your Scouting career? Share your stories in the comments below!

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The 12 Life Lessons Boys Learn in Scouting
The 12 Life Lessons Boys Learn in Scouting
The 12 Life Lessons Boys Learn in Scouting