The 20 Best Pinewood Derby Photos of 2016

The 20 Best Pinewood Derby Photos of 2016

Check out the top 20 finalists in Cub Hub’s Pinewood Derby photo contest!

The photo contest was extended by two months to make sure most districts had an opportunity to share their finest Pinewood Derby moments. Now, the submissions are in and we’re down to the best of the best—just look at all the Cub Scout spirit!

This year’s stakes were high because the top five photos with the most Facebook likes will each win a $50 gift code to Though the voting period is now over, you can still head to the official Cub Scout Facebook page and “like” your favorite photos.

Catch a glimpse of the 20 finalists here:


Cubs from Lisbon, CT at the finish line:

Kim Z Cub

Kim Z.


Tigers are so excited, they just can’t hide it!

Kim Z

Janet B.


Winning 1st place for a new Tiger Cub is a memory to be cherished.

Cub Brad R.

Brad R.


Bat Mobile

Crystal E.

Crystal E.


Spencer’s reaction to taking 1st place in Tiger’s division:

Leighton C

Leighton C.


First Race

Sanda H

Sanda H.


 “Come on, go FASTER!”

Abby L.

Abby L.


First Pinewood Derby, first place finish, best day ever!

Joshua H.

Joshua H.


1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Winners

SAra c

Sara C.


Ready to Race

Tina B

Tina B.


Final Race

Jennifer L

Jennifer L.


Bears of Newport

Bert w

Bert W.


Star Wars Mandalorian Pod Racer

rich s

Rich S.


Checking out the competition:

Annette W

Annette W.



Cathy M

Cathy M.


Starting Line

Lindsay S

Lindsay S.


“Gotta get it just right!”

Paul R.

Paul R.


Singing the national anthem before the launch of Pinewood Derby 2016:

Stephanie S

Stephanie S.


Proud post-race moment between father and son:

Scout and dad

Andrea P.


Turning concept into reality:

Hiew D

Hieu D.

This year’s competition was full of thrilling moments and fantastic designs. What’s your favorite Pinewood Derby memory? Share your story in the comments below!

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The 20 Best Pinewood Derby Photos of 2016
The 20 Best Pinewood Derby Photos of 2016
The 20 Best Pinewood Derby Photos of 2016