3 Ways Scouting Can Help You Be a “Battle Bots” Champion

3 Ways Scouting Can Help You Be a “Battle Bots” Champion

You may have heard about the Scouting family who’s kicking some serious robot butt in the television competition series “Battle Bots,” and now you’re probably thinking “how can I do that, too?” Well, we thought the same thing (who doesn’t want to build really cool fighting robots). So with the Bales family from the South Florida Council in mind, Scouting Wire has three tips for Scouts aspiring to nab a “Battle Bots” victory of their very own.

1. Earn STEM merit badges

If you are going to be constructing high-tech robots built to crush, clobber, and defeat, you have to have a solid science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) background. And in Scouting, there’s no better way to learn about your favorite STEM activities than earning their respective merit badge. From engineering and robotics to inventing and electronics, there’s a plethora of merit badges a Scout can earn that’ll garner him the “Battle Bots” edge. Learn more about merit badges here.

2. Take on the NOVA Awards

For the Scout interested in how STEM applies to everyday living and the world around them, earning NOVA awards is a no-brainer. With the help of counselors and mentors, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers can complete requirements and activities for awards specific to their achievements in science, technology, engineering and math.

Ready for an even bigger challenge? Take on the Supernova awards for a more advanced and in-depth look at STEM-related activities. You’ll even receive a medal and certificate for going above and beyond. Find out more about these cool awards by checking out STEM in Scouting.

3. Join STEM Scouts

If you are a STEM fanatic, look no further than STEM Scouts. This new coed pilot program is specifically designed for elementary, middle school and high school age kids who are looking for a fun, fast-paced and thought-provoking program that’s all about STEM! There, you’ll hone in on your STEM expertise by seeing how real-life STEM experts conduct experiments in a lab and then you get to try for yourself. Explore all there is to know about STEM Scouts by hopping over to www.stemscouts.org.

The Sky’s the Limit with STEM

Tackle these three STEM opportunities in Scouting and we might see you grace the TV screen just like the Bales family on Battle Bots! But hey, even if TV isn’t for you, learning more about STEM subjects could lead to your dream career of becoming an astronaut, an engineer, a math genius, or anything! With STEM, your options are endless.

Read more about the Bales family on ABC’s “Battle Bots” and find out how Scouting has helped them get there today by heading to Scouting Newsroom for the full story!


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3 Ways Scouting Can Help You Be a “Battle Bots” Champion
3 Ways Scouting Can Help You Be a “Battle Bots” Champion
3 Ways Scouting Can Help You Be a “Battle Bots” Champion