4 Life-Saving Scouts Kick Training into Action

Scouts-kick-trainingTraining as a Scout comes in handy. Sure, knot tying and kindling know-how are awesome, but let’s not undersell how valuable time as a Scout can be. For these Scouts, BSA skills are a life saver:

  1. Alrick Johson saved his co-worker from choking, credits his Boy Scout training for life-saving skills. Read his story here.
  2. Cub Scout Micah H. helped his mom through a major emergency when she spilled boiling water on herself. Check out what he did to help here.
  3. Boy Scout Emery B. saved a Cub Scout from drowning and shared his story on the Meredith Viera Show. Hear Emery’s story here.
  4. Cub Scout Jake P. called 911 and helped emergency responders to his father after a serious accident. Learn how he did it here.

From adults who remember their decades-old Scout training in times of crisis to Cub Scouts who rescue their parents, Scouters show their heroism all the time (and manage to stay humble). Share these stories with the Scouts in your life so they know the importance of Scout training.

Gina Circelli

Gina Circelli is the Digital Editor for Boys' Life. She loves sharing news about Scouts who shake up pop culture or contribute to their communities in a big way. If you have story ideas, reach out to the team at communications@scouting.org.


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4 Life-Saving Scouts Kick Training into Action
4 Life-Saving Scouts Kick Training into Action
4 Life-Saving Scouts Kick Training into Action