6 Surprising Facts About This Scouting-Inspired Art Collection

6 Surprising Facts About This Scouting-Inspired Art Collection

Through the years, Scouting has inspired many artists to honor BSA’s long-standing traditions of character, leadership, and adventure through their creative works, often combining classic BSA icons with their own artistic styles.

What is the Reserve Collection?

The Reserve Collection is a curated collection of one-of-a-kind works of Scouting art, ranging from hand-crafted furniture and wood, to magnificent metal and glass pieces. From sparkling to rustic, this exclusive BSA collection translates the Scouting spirit into fine art.

What sets the Reserve Collection apart from other Scouting art collections?

Anyone can own this artwork. Multiple gallery locations and a wide range of items means the art in the Reserve Collection is available to everyone, from individual Scouters to council leadership.

If you feel that a certain piece speaks to you on a personal level, you can actually purchase the art for your own collection. And of course, what better feeling is there than receiving the perfect gift? Knowing that you’ve given the perfect gift! The Reserve Collection contains a diverse range of art styles, so you’re sure to find a one-of-a-kind gift suitable for anyone with a passion for Scouting.

Some artists’ methods were rather unconventional—as is often the case with creative works of wonder. Now, Scouting Wire is uncovering six fascinating facts about this collection and how you can experience these works in person! Keep reading to see how these artists masterfully incorporated their passion for Scouting into incredible art.


1.  Galleries

The newest Reserve Collection gallery is located at the National Service Center, in the office of BSA’s Chief Scout Executive, Michael Surbaugh. The other is located at the BSA Supply Group in North Carolina. Of course, you can always check out the collection online at TheReserveCollection.com.


2.  Unconventional Tools

Photo: The Reserve Collection

Piece: Horse Hair with Wood

Artist: Annie Brooks

The detail that makes these ceramics pop comes from an unlikely tool—horse hair. This effect was achieved by throwing the hair onto the jars when they were fresh out of the scorching kiln.


3.  Layers of Meaning

Photo: The Reserve Collection

Piece: Where the Buffalo Roam

Artist: Stacy Lee Webber

This three-part scenery piece is a nod to both the Philmont Scout Ranch, and the Silver Buffalo Award. And if that wasn’t meta enough, the tiny buffalo in the shadow boxes are cut from real buffalo nickels for an added layer of intrigue.


4.  Unexpected Materials

Photo: The Reserve Collection

Piece: Truchas Cast Glass Bowl

Artist: Charlie Miner

This intricate piece may look like stone, but it’s actually glass! The stone-like texture and patina is the result of using 24% lead crystals during a lost wax, glass casting technique.


5.  All-Star Talent

Photo: The Reserve Collection

Piece: Philmont Winter Bison

Artist: Susan Norris

This incredible image, which features the beauty of Philmont Scout Ranch in the winter, was actually painted by none other than Susan Norris, the official sculptor of the BSA. Talk about a range of talent!


6.  Scouting Roots

Photo: The Reserve Collection

Piece: Terrain Table

Artist: Sequoia Pawan Madan

Before moving to the U.S., artist Sequoia Pawan Madan was a Boy Scout in India. Madan certainly shows diligence in his work too– this monkey wood piece underwent a year-long drying and curing process to make sure it remains sturdy in U.S. climates.

Discover More Scouting Art

You can learn more about this special collection by heading to thereservecollection.com. For more information or questions about purchasing art, please contact Acting Curator, Arline Harris at arline.harris@scouting.org.

Has Scouting inspired you in a creative way? Share your story with us in the comments below!

Rochelle Randles

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6 Surprising Facts About This Scouting-Inspired Art Collection
6 Surprising Facts About This Scouting-Inspired Art Collection
6 Surprising Facts About This Scouting-Inspired Art Collection