6 Ways to Fight Bullying This Month

6 Ways to Fight Bullying This Month

Bullying can be a challenging topic to tackle, but it’s important for Scouts and Scouters to be prepared (as Scouts always are). That’s why this October the BSA is shedding light on bullying and its prevention during Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

This month and beyond, you can help bring awareness to this critical issue and be on the forefront of bullying prevention. Scouting has always encouraged friendship and anti-bullying principles through the Scout Oath and Scout Law. And let’s not forget, bullying is prohibited in Scouting and should be taken seriously whenever and wherever it occurs. Check out the six tips you can use to build awareness and prevent bullying below.

  1. Share former Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock’s articles on bullying with parents and leaders.
  2. Check out the resources in the “Bullying Awareness” section of the BSA’s Youth Protection website and share the Bullying Prevention Guide with leaders.
  3. Review materials available at StopBullying.gov and read information on cyberbullying through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s NetSmartz. This site has resources for parents and age-appropriate materials for youth.
  4. Assist youth with obtaining the Cyber Chip. This tool encourages children to do the right thing online.
  5. Ask youth to read and discuss the following articles about cybersafety in Boys’ Life magazine.
  6. Discuss with parents, leaders, and youth how the Scout Oath and Scout Law apply to Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.
    • For example, one cannot participate in or ignore observed bullying behavior and uphold the Scout Oath and Scout Law, as a Scout is helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, and brave.

Spread the Word!

Now that you are equipped with this anti-bullying toolbox, share these tips with your Scouting network, parents, friends and family on Facebook and Twitter! And tell us, how do you plan to bring awareness to bullying and help prevent it in your councils?

Hayley Cordaro

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6 Ways to Fight Bullying This Month
6 Ways to Fight Bullying This Month
6 Ways to Fight Bullying This Month