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Online Advertising

A Better Banner

A good BSA online ad should work on several levels.

Many users may see your ad, but never click. For those who don’t or won’t click, follow the maxim “first, do no harm.” Design ads that follow BSA brand standards and use wholesome images that enhance perception of the BSA.

For more qualified prospects, the ad should entice them to click by clearly stating a good offer, not by gimmicks or tricks. Use animation to enhance your message.


Online Advertising Best Practices


Use interesting imagery that meets BSA photography guidelines. Simple, easy-to-read images are best.

Keep your message short and sweet, with straightforward copy that gets to the point quickly. Online ads are not a good venue for “clever.”

Design your ad using BSA-approved colors and design conventions. Online advertising is great for awareness and visibilty and we want to present a uniform look and feel across our ads for maximum impact.

Use animation to complement your message. Simple text swaps and frame wipes work best for both file size and clarity.


Use complex or intricate imagery that takes more than a moment to read. Avoid cliché stock imagery – it recedes and is off-brand.

Use commercial phrases like “Free Shipping” or “Act Now” too frequently. It is OK to be direct and clear, but not intrusive.

Deviate from approved brand standards. Use BSA-approved typefaces, color palettes, and design conventions.

Try to attract attention with too much animation. A strong image, clean design, and simple, compelling language should be enough.

Real-World Examples