Why This City Council is Voting ‘Yes’ for Exploring

Why This City Council is Voting ‘Yes’ for Exploring

The town of Dora, Alabama is filled with citizens who care for their community. From local fire station volunteers, to a driven city council, the townspeople are always finding ways to help improve the place they call home– which is why Dora city council members are working to re-establish an Exploring post.

Years ago, the local fire department was host to an Exploring post that benefitted both youth and firefighters, alike.

“We actually had a post in the early 2000s and kept it for several years,” Dora local Chris Edwards told the Daily Mountain Eagle. “It was a great asset for the fire department as far as recruitment goes.”

The post, located in the Black Warrior Council, helped the fire department find new, talented recruits who already had on-the-job training, while also helping youth discover a potential career path. Edwards, who is both a city council member and a firefighter, explained that the fire department saw a decline in recruitment upon losing the original post. This is one reason the Dora City Council gathered earlier this month to vote on sponsoring the revival of the Dora Fire Department’s Exploring post.

Edwards told the Daily Mountain Eagle he plans to hold post meetings at the town’s high school, but of course, youth from all local high schools are invited to join.

Read more about Dora’s revitalized Exploring post in the original story by the Daily Mountain Eagle.

Do you have a local Exploring post in your community? Discover 3 ways to make Exploring work in your hometown and see how you can make a difference in your community.

You can learn more about Fire Exploring by watching the video below, then share it with your friends and family! To discover how to get involved in the Exploring program, head to the new exploring.org.

Exploring offers young adults an opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world scenarios that prepare them for a future in a field of interest. Check out more testimonials here and let us know how Exploring has made a difference to you or someone you know in the comments!

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Why This City Council is Voting ‘Yes’ for Exploring
Why This City Council is Voting ‘Yes’ for Exploring
Why This City Council is Voting ‘Yes’ for Exploring