Cub Scout Program Launch: Day Camp Guidance

Cub Scout Program Launch: Day Camp Guidance

With the new Cub Scout program launching June 1, youth can prepare for more fun than ever and unit leaders can look forward to a program that’s easier to execute.  Hundreds of volunteers have been working for the past three years to make the new program dynamic and the transition as easy as possible. That’s why we’re answering one of the most frequently asked questions regarding the updates: What’s the plan for 2015 summer camps?

What about day camps this summer?

 The Cub Scout team has the following insight for your summer preparations:

The overall purpose of day camps is to offer a fun experience and extend the participant’s Scouting engagement. The purpose is not advancement. If advancement happens as part of fun engaging program, great! But it should not be the focus of camp.

If your day camp is already planned using the current Cub Scout program, including the Academics and Sports program this is no need to re-plan! While the Academics & Sports program will be discontinued, it will not disappear on June 1. Supply understands the role of A&S belt loops and pins in day camp recognition and is committed to meeting your needs. We would, however, recommend a discussion with your local council Scout Shop to make sure they are aware of your needs and have plans to meet them.

Planning for 2015 Cub Scout Day Camp with the New Program

If you choose to use the new Cub Scout program as part of the design of your 2015 day camp, take into consideration:

  • One of the methods of Cub Scouting is adult association. Research indicates that a long‐term relationship with a positive adult figure is a critical component for youth to develop into strong, resilient adults. In Cub Scouting this is accomplished by the den leader delivering a program of advancement in the den, focusing first on required adventures in the new program.
  • Focus day camp planning around elective adventures. There are 13 each for Tiger, Wolf and Bear and 18 shared for Webelos and Arrow of Light.
  • Any use of the required adventures at camp, while not recommended, should be channeled to “partials” – requirements which may be difficult for dens to accomplish on their own. Camps will also need to develop a method which meets the approval of your council advancement committee of communicating partials to den leaders who are responsible for signing off on advancement for the boys in their dens.
  • Think about Aquatics! Each rank has one elective which is aquatic related, either swimming or boating. Camps with appropriate facilities are uniquely suited to help dens deliver these adventures. Access to suitable facilities, trained instructors and appropriate supervision can be barriers to these activities. Council and district camps can help.

For more information about the 2015 and 2016 Cub Scout program, visit or send your questions about the program to

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Cub Scout Program Launch: Day Camp Guidance
Cub Scout Program Launch: Day Camp Guidance
Cub Scout Program Launch: Day Camp Guidance