Getting Involved in Scouting: Adult Volunteers

Getting Involved in Scouting: Adult Volunteers

We owe a lot to the members of our volunteer force in Scouting. They are the lifeblood of our mission to provide a quality Scouting experience for America’s young people. Without the support of our terrific and dedicated adult volunteers, our youth would be missing out on great Scouting experiences and the opportunity to learn how to be stronger leaders in their communities.

Thankfully, we have just over one million volunteers throughout the nation – terrific men and women in local councils across the country – who have committed their time and talent to give our Scouts great programs and opportunities for adventure. I was particularly inspired by this Boston Herald columnist – Jeff Katz – a self-described “indoorsman” who came to life in Scouting once his own sons showed how eager they were to join. He wrote in his column:

“….with two sons in Scouting, I have now slept in tents and dealt with the intricacies of starting a campfire. I still gripe about way too many creatures with way too many legs. I am still annoyed by all of the dust you find in the forest, and I still can’t figure out why someone doesn’t run a vacuum through the woods every once in a while.

But now that I am the leader of a Cub Scout Pack and a Boy Scout merit badge counselor, I can truly appreciate the value of all of this.”

“…Scouts live their lives with a sense of duty not just to themselves, but to God, country and others. Those are values worthy of support.”

I encourage you to take a minute and read his entire column. It sends a great message about how a self-described “indoorsman” saw the magic of Scouting unfold before his eyes and was inspired to share this revelation with thousands of readers.

It’s this kind of volunteer spirit that keeps our organization strong and sustainable, and I thank Mr. Katz and millions like him for their service to our Scouts for more than a century.  What do you think of his story – does it inspire you to rethink your commitment to supporting young people in your community who are desperately seeking adult volunteers?

It’s something to consider.



Nathan Johnson

As a member of the Communications team at Boy Scouts of America, Nathan Johnson enjoys finding and sharing the stories that inform, inspire, and delight the Scouting family.


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Getting Involved in Scouting: Adult Volunteers
Getting Involved in Scouting: Adult Volunteers
Getting Involved in Scouting: Adult Volunteers