Getting Outside of our Comfort Zones

Getting Outside of our Comfort Zones

We all have our comfort zones – the places where we feel safe, whether at home or work.  So when we are challenged to reach outside of those comfort zones, it can be tough duty until we master the ability to take on these new responsibilities.

In Scouting, when we reach out to bring our mission to underserved neighborhoods, it can be a real stretch outside of our comfort zone, but the results can be most rewarding.

Let me share the story of Troop 112.

Scout Troop 112 Norfolk VA

Scouts from Troop 112 in Norfolk, VA

Troop 112 was recently featured in a television news report in Norfolk, VA.  The troop is sponsored by The New Hope Baptist Church. These Scouts cannot afford uniforms, camping equipment, or weekend campouts. Fundraisers are difficult. Their members are growing up in a neighborhood fraught with gangs, gang-related problems, and very few activities or facilities for children.

Under the leadership of New Hope Pastor Dr. Calvin Durham, these young boys have a chance at a quality Scouting experience that has not been offered in their neighborhood for more than two decades. Both parents and children are unfamiliar with Scouting, so it’s a struggle, but Scouting is desperately needed in this neighborhood.

As I mentioned earlier, Scouting can be a stretch outside our comfort zone to bring our values and adventures to troubled neighborhoods.  But the rewards of helping to get more young men off the streets and into roles of leadership, mentoring and community support can mean a lot to communities like the one supported by New Hope Church.

Congratulations to Dr. Durham for his efforts the past year to form a new troop for the benefit of young men in his area. We look forward to hearing more reports in the future about how his Scouts are doing.

How do you work outside your “comfort zones” to benefit others?  Do you find that the rewards are worth your extra effort?  Share your experiences here!



Nathan Johnson

As a member of the Communications team at Boy Scouts of America, Nathan Johnson enjoys finding and sharing the stories that inform, inspire, and delight the Scouting family.


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Getting Outside of our Comfort Zones
Getting Outside of our Comfort Zones
Getting Outside of our Comfort Zones