How You Can Recruit More Cub Scouts, Grow Units and Build Adventures

How You Can Recruit More Cub Scouts, Grow Units and Build Adventures

Scouters know Cub Scouting is all about adventure – camping, getting their hands dirty, exploring nature, and meeting some new friends along the way. But how can you showcase and attract others to these fun and character-building benefits of Cub Scouts? Well at #NAM2015, Scouts and Scouters came together to discuss that very question during a special spark session focusing on Cub Scout recruitment and retention. In case you missed the session in Atlanta, read on to catch all the highlights.

Supporting the New Cub Scout Program

You’ve probably already heard about the new Cub Scout program updates. This new program is delivering the promise of Scouting better than ever – making your job easier. By delivering the program as it’s designed and reinforcing the foundation of the Scout Oath and Law, implementing the new program is simple. But keep in mind that training your leaders and encouraging district and council advancement committees to take interest in the new program is key. 

How Can Councils Support the Advancement Program?

Advancement within the program has been upgraded, making the transition from Tiger to Wolf to Bear to Webelos and Arrow of Light even more exciting. Encourage your leaders to deliver the program with fidelity by using the new program materials provided to them and utilizing training resources. And take note that the role of camping supports, not usurps, the process of advancement. When you infuse advancement opportunities with fun, boys will be motivated to move forward in the program.

What Can You Do to Support the Outdoor Program and Aquatic Adventures?

The new program is packed full of enhanced outdoor content. After all, having fun in the outdoors is exactly what Cub Scouts have told us they want! First and foremost, the boys want camping and fun- so don’t just tell them about it, give it to them! Even if overnight camping isn’t an option, day camping is just as fun. If you’ve got new campers in your pack, involve Scouts who have already been camping to serve as role models. And keep in mind that many Scouting events involve water activities, so understanding water safety is critical. Scouting is a natural place to provide improvement in swimming abilities, both as an instructional body and as an experienced based skill.

At the Council level Cub Scouters should:

  • Continue to support training for leaders (BALOO, Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills – Webelos) to assist units in providing the outdoor adventures we promise.
  • Continue providing day/resident camp experiences that capture the imagination and deliver the program we promise.
  • Hold Council/District events to support pack and family camping and elective adventure requirements

Grow Membership in Exciting New Ways

The program is designed around fun and adventure so attracting boys and families will be a cinch! Not only is the new program easier for leaders to implement, it’s also more active and engaging for parents, Cub Scouts, and leaders. You can support membership for the new program in a number of ways:
  • School night recruiting that includes fun activities (not just talking!) for prospective Scouts so they can get hands-on with Scouting before they even join
  • Empower Scouting families to share their Cub Scout stories and how it’s made a difference to their Scouts.
  • Challenge Cub Scouts to bring a friend.
  • Having trouble securing permissions for recruitment events in schools? Consider pairing up with a Girl Scout Troop! Sometimes school officials are more open to the idea of an event when you include other organizations.
  • Don’t limit your pack recruitment to schools- explore other options in your community too!

Updated Cub Scout training is on its way and will be available by the end of June. The Cub Scout Learning Library is also coming your way and will be ready for you later this summer. So now that your more familiar on how to utilize the new program, how can you introduce the changes to others (parents, your council, etc.)? First, point them here and then direct them to

Do you have more questions about recruiting or are you looking for tools and resources?  Check out the new Marketing & Membership Hub. There you’ll find a ton of information including information about our new recruitment campaign, “Build an Adventure.”

Hayley Cordaro

Hayley Cordaro is a member of the Communications team at Boy Scouts of America. She loves sharing inspiring success stories and uncovering new ways volunteers and employees can make the most of their Scouting experience. If you have story ideas or questions, reach out to us at


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How You Can Recruit More Cub Scouts, Grow Units and Build Adventures
How You Can Recruit More Cub Scouts, Grow Units and Build Adventures
How You Can Recruit More Cub Scouts, Grow Units and Build Adventures