Men’s Health Writer Earns “Bald Eagle”

Men’s Health Writer Earns “Bald Eagle”

In and out of Scouting, a Bald Eagle is rare. Men’s Health writer Joe Kita aimed to achieve the honorary (and completely fictional) rank when he teamed up with the Minsi Trails Council’s Troop 1600.

Joe is a former Cub Scout who reached Webelos and did not return to Scouting. While he is no longer eligible to earn Eagle, he wanted to write about what it’s like to go through the process of achieving the rank as a middle-aged man – a process he coined the journey to “Bald Eagle.” His story is chronicled in the March 2015 issue of Men’s Health.

Joe’s Bald Eagle journey with Troop 1600 revealed more about an adult’s journey than that of youth Scouts. His story is one about overcoming and rectifying life’s regrets. Outlined in a 2012 Forbes article on what adults regret most, breaking the digital norm and teaching children more valuable skills rank high on the list. See how Joe was able to squash his regrets in the video below.

Bald Eagle is a State of Mind

Although the BSA is a youth-serving organization, adults still have the opportunity to participate as volunteer leaders.

To those over the age of 18 who wish they had earn the rank of Eagle Scouts, Scouting says get involved as a volunteer leader and help mentor young men in the community as they work to earn this prestigious honor.

As the Men’s Health article outlines, adult leaders can find a breadth of fulfillment in Scouting. Whether seasoned Scouters or new to the BSA’s programs, adults gain as much from Scouting as their youth counterparts, as shown through Joe’s experience with the Minsi Trails Council. And although the Bald Eagle rank is not a real one, the growth that comes with a second chance in Scouting is universally relatable.

How to Use this Video

Use this video to tell the Eagle Scout story and invite adults to turn regrets into opportunities by volunteering.  Also, the video is a great way to show parents how Scouting makes the most of the little time they have to impact their children.

Think you’re up for the challenge? Share with us how you’ll make it happen in the comments below.

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Men’s Health Writer Earns “Bald Eagle”
Men’s Health Writer Earns “Bald Eagle”
Men’s Health Writer Earns “Bald Eagle”