Merit Badge Madness Week 1 Recap

Merit Badge Madness Week 1 Recap

The search for the most epic merit badge is on. Are you getting in on the action?

Scouts’ favorite merit badges have been going head to head on the BSA’s official Instagram this week in a quest to find which one is the coolest among Scouts and Scouters, alike. Not your traditional springtime bracket, Merit Badge Madness challenges voters to pick between two merit badges in hopes of seeing their selections advance to the next round of voting.

Badges from four categories – Eagle Required, STEM, Career, and Outdoors – compete against each other, as their fate as champions lies in your and your Scouts’ hands. Check out the results from round one of the competition:

  • Eagle Required Challenge 1 – Swimming took the victory over Camping.
  • Outdoors Challenge 1 – Rifle Shooting beat out Archery.
  • STEM Challenge 1 – Space Exploration wins against Robotics.
  • Careers Challenge 1 – Fish & Wildlife Management conquered Moviemaking.
  • Eagle Required Challenge 2 – Hiking took the lead over Cycling.
  • Outdoors Challenge 2 – Wilderness Survival has the lead over Snow Sports with a few more hours left to vote.

Also up in competition before the week’s through: Aviation vs. Geocaching and Engineering vs. Law. Head to Instagram througout the next few days to round out the final challenges in round one.


What’s next in Merit Badge Madness?

Next week we launch into round 2 of the competition. This is the finals for merit badge categories. After that, category winners will battle it out. Will STEM take the cake? Or will Eagle Required prove supreme? Next week we’ll be one step closer to finding out!

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Merit Badge Madness Week 1 Recap
Merit Badge Madness Week 1 Recap
Merit Badge Madness Week 1 Recap