Michael Surbaugh Appointed Next Chief Scout Executive

Michael Surbaugh Appointed Next Chief Scout Executive

MSAfter careful consideration and an extensive review process, the Boy Scouts of America named Michael Surbaugh its next Chief Scout Executive, the organization’s top professional. Surbaugh, the BSA’s current Group Director of HR, Innovation, Exploring and Learning for Life, will provide general direction of administrative work of the BSA. He follows Wayne Brock, who will retire in October after serving as Chief Scout Executive for three years.

“I am honored and humbled to have been selected as the Boy Scouts of America’s Chief Scout Executive,” said Surbaugh. “As I transition into this role, I am committed to continuing the legacy of leadership to solidify Scouting’s role in the development of America’s youth and to empower our volunteers to deliver the kind of life-changing experiences that can only be found within Scouting.”

For more information on Surbaugh’s background, visit Scouting Newsroom.

The decision to name Surbaugh as the BSA’s top professional leader involved an extensive review and selection process. For the past several months, leaders from across the BSA network provided their thoughts on the qualities, attributes, and values necessary to successfully lead the organization. Several listening sessions were held and many one-on-one conversations took place to gather insights that were used to inform the selection process for the new Chief Scout Executive.

The Chief Scout Executive Selection Committee was composed of nine members of the BSA National Executive Board and chaired by the president of the BSA, Dr. Robert M. Gates, an Eagle Scout and former secretary of defense.

“Today’s kids need Scouting more than ever, and Mike Surbaugh possesses deep institutional knowledge, operational experience, and personal fortitude to chart a path forward that combines Scouting’s long-standing values and ideas with the forward-thinking and innovative approach our organization needs to help us continue to grow,” Gates said.

In October, Surbaugh will join Gates and National Commissioner Tico Perez, the top volunteer in charge of program quality, to make up the BSA’s “Key 3.” These two volunteers and one professional form the organization’s highest level of leadership at the national level.

“We are pleased to welcome Mike as the incoming Chief Scout Executive,” said Gates. “We also thank Wayne Brock for his many years of leadership and service to the Boy Scouts of America. Wayne’s vision and talent—his insight and unfailing commitment to serving America’s youth as Chief Scout Executive—have set a positive example for Mike and each one of us as we work to carry our movement forward.”


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Michael Surbaugh Appointed Next Chief Scout Executive
Michael Surbaugh Appointed Next Chief Scout Executive
Michael Surbaugh Appointed Next Chief Scout Executive