New Cub Scout Product Transition Update

New Cub Scout Product Transition Update

The next return window for discontinued Cub Scout products is open now and continues until September 30.

This special returns process is for items that are now obsolete because of the recent transition to the new Cub Scout program. Items returned following the process outlined below (during the authorized window) will receive full credit with no restocking fees if the return product is properly packaged. Councils are responsible for shipping costs to return products.

To expedite your return credit follow this process:

  1. For the discontinued Cub Scout product return, only the “CS Old Product Return Authorization Request Form.xls” may be used to request credit.
  2. Complete your council’s information at top of form.
  3. Enter quantities for each authorized SKU you are returning.
  4. Sign verification of disposition of return products.
  5. Once request form is complete, email it to
  6. Once return authorization is processed, original sender will receive the approved return authorization (RA).
  7. Once your council has an approved RA form, you can pack the items to be returned. PLEASE NOTE: To expedite the return credit process and prevent restocking fees, all like SKUs (i.e. all belt loops and pins) need to be separately bagged by SKU and then put into a shipping box.
  8. Before shipping back, confirm count. If the quantity you received approval for has changed, you must notify the Adjustment Department and receive an updated RA prior to shipping.
  9. Once your RA matches the quantities you are requesting credit for, return according to the RA instructions.
  10. If shipping multiple boxes, please ensure your (RA) Return Authorization number is properly marked on all boxes.

Remember to get this process rolling soon! The discontinued items authorized as part of this return can only be returned to Supply for credit until September 30, 2015. 

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New Cub Scout Product Transition Update
New Cub Scout Product Transition Update
New Cub Scout Product Transition Update