New Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook Released

UnknownThe guidebook for Lone Scouts and their counselors has been completely rewritten! Check out the revised guidebook here:

The new guidebook replaces the publication of the same name, which was last updated in 2006. The guidebook will only be available online.

Work on the new edition began early last year with a volunteer task force of experienced Lone Scouting volunteers, who set out under the auspices of the National Advancement Committee. The result is a well-organized and clearly written booklet that briefly describes the history of Lone Scouting. It provides detail on the roles of councils and districts in support of the program, and also how Lone Scouts and their counselors can work together for the best possible outcome given the lack of a pack or troop.

The guide discusses when Lone Scouting is the right choice for a boy who may not be able to attend pack or troop meetings and how to get registered with the appropriate local council. It also emphasizes the importance of the BSA youth handbooks and leaders’ literature, and the need for training for the friend and counselor. Thoughts on resources and potential activities at the local, national, and international level are provided, as well as ideas for connecting with other Scouts.

Lone Scout patchRank advancement opportunities in Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting, including the merit badge program, are described in general, with references to the appropriate BSA literature for the details. The flexibility allowed in advancement for Lone Scouts is also covered, as is the importance of safety and youth protection as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting and other resources.

Nationally, at the end of 2014, there were 250 Lone Cub Scouts and 421 Lone Boy Scouts. They are scattered all over the country, of course, but the largest percentage live overseas where their military and civilian families are assigned to U.S. bases. Perhaps with a set of clear and up to date guidelines there will be more.

Check out the new and improved version today!

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New Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook Released
New Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook Released
New Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook Released