OA: New Century, New Programs

OA: New Century, New Programs

As the Order of the Arrow enters its next century of service, there are a variety of new programs, initiatives and events occurring throughout 2016 and 2017 that will benefit the broader Scouting community. These include NEXT: A New Century, Prism, the Developing Youth Leaders Conference and Operation Arrow.

NEXT: A New Century

NEXTLocal youth and adult leaders from across the nation will gather at Indiana University from July 30-August 3, 2016 to learn, grow and be inspired to be the driving force behind the OA’s second century. This hands-on, high-energy event will focus on membership, program and innovation at the local level, which will subsequently empower delegates to return home and be powerful agents of change.

Each lodge is able to send three youth, its lodge chief, another lodge officer, and one additional youth member, as well as two adults, the lodge adviser and one associate adviser. Youth delegates who are not lodge chiefs in attendance should be passionate about their lodge and will be youth, influencing their lodge’s program and operations, for at least a year or two after the event. Similarly, the associate adviser attending NEXT should be a part of the next generation of advisers in the lodge. For more information on how to become a NEXT delegate, contact your lodge chief and adviser today, or visit next.oa-bsa.org!


PrismIn addition to NEXT during the summer of 2016, contingents of Arrowmen from each lodge will be attending Prism, a four-day, three-night experience at the Summit Bechtel Reserve that will show the OA in a totally new light. Each delegate will have access to the Scott Summit Center activities, including mountain biking, skateboarding, archery, climbing, and much more, as well as complete a unique service project to leave their mark on Scouting for generations to come. The capstone will be a personal experience and rededication ceremony at the Summit Circle, the OA’s new permanent national ceremonial grounds.

While most slots have filled for this event, there are still several openings in the final session of the summer. For more information on Prism, please visit prism.oa-bsa.org or contact OA Associate Director Travis Rubelee at travis.rubelee@scouting.org.

Developing Youth Leaders Conference

From June 19-25, 2016 at the Philmont Training Center (PTC), the Developing Youth Leaders Conference (DYLC) will deepen an adviser’s capacity to develop youth leadership within the chapter and lodge. Conference topics will include fostering a growth mindset, promoting resilience, providing constructive feedback that leads to changes in youth behavior and creating a life-long coaching/mentoring relationship.

DYLC aims to establish a chapter and lodge culture that grows youth who are capable of establishing goals, building teams, and guiding the lodge’s work to achieve Journey to Excellence status. This workshop targets advisers who have participated in the National Leadership Seminar since 1994. Additionally, the schedule at PTC allows families to attend and see why Philmont is referred to as Scouting’s paradise.

Check out the video below and visit www.philmonttrainingcenter.org and oa-bsa.org/DYLC for more information on this unique leadership conference.


Operation Arrow

In 2017, the OA will continue its tradition of providing cheerful service to the national jamboree. More than 750 youth Arrowmen will answer the call to serve as part of Operation Arrow by staffing OA’s program areas. Each program component of Operation Arrow carries a unique legacy of jamboree service, such as the Service Corps and Trek Guides.

Operation ArrowThe Service Corps, a tradition dating back to 1950, provides reliable manpower support to other essential jamboree programs. Service Corps staffers work to accomplish projects, both big and small, and exemplify the OA’s commitment to “service with a smile.” Trek Guides lead units on their day-long trek to the summit of Garden Ground Mountain, where participants spend a day enjoying unique programming. Trek Guides enjoy rugged, outdoor adventures and help their crews find fulfillment in their jamboree experience.

The Operation Arrow team has been accepting applications to join our staff since October 2015, and are already over 45% full! Interested youth Arrowmen between the ages of 16-20 can find more information on our program areas and link to apply by visiting oa-bsa.org/jamboree or by following @OperationArrow on Twitter. If you are unsure if you are able to commit just yet, but interested in learning more about the Operation Arrow staff, you can fill out this interest form and a member of the Operation Arrow leadership team will reach out in the upcoming months with more information.


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OA: New Century, New Programs
OA: New Century, New Programs
OA: New Century, New Programs