Scout Authors on Embracing the Spirit of Scouting

Dr. Robert Lee Edmonds - Scout

Dr. Robert Lee Edmonds and wife Linda Edmonds are a dynamic duo eager to engage others with the spirit of Scouting. Active members of the Longhorn Council, Dr. and Mrs. Edmonds are celebrating a century of the Boy Scouts of America’s rich, faith-based roots with the upcoming release of their book, Scouting Our Way: A Guide to Faith, Duty, and Fellowship.

Dr. Edmonds is an Eagle Scout and recipient of the BSA’s highest special award, the Honor Medal for lifesaving. As co-founders of the publishing imprint Eight Eleven Press, the husband and wife team produce a number of inspirational books and media for youth, adults and faith-based and educational organizations.

Linda Tucker Edmonds - ScoutDr. Edmonds and Linda plan to utilize their book as a tool to support and establish a number of BSA faith-based initiatives. They are donating profits from the sales of the book to the BSA’s Religious Relationships committee to fund national and local religious programs. They are also working with the BSA Foundation on creating a duty to God scholarship similar to the NESA Scholarship.

“Scouting Our Way has proven indispensable for use in both youth, adult, and professional training programs,” said Dr. Edmonds on the book’s applicability in Scouting. Set for release in April 2015, Scouting Our Way coincides with BSA’s introduction of duty to God rank requirements for Cubs and Boy Scouts beginning in late 2015 and 2016. Dr. Edmonds and Linda expect the book to have a significant and positive influence on this new direction for the BSA.

“It was the inspiration for this book to illustrate and renew the legacy of West and Baden-Powell by offering a uniquely creative but simple way of expressing and sharing the principles and ideals of Scouting among a broad range of religious beliefs through the voice of prayer,” reveals Dr. Edmonds.

But this couple isn’t stopping there! Due for release in early 2016, High Honors: A History of Heroism and Meritorious Action in the Boy Scouts of America will be a follow-up to Scouting Our Way. 

Interested in getting your hands on a copy (or e-book!) and finding out more information? Write to the authors at and keep an eye out for Scouting Our Way‘s release this April!

Hayley Cordaro

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Scout Authors on Embracing the Spirit of Scouting
Scout Authors on Embracing the Spirit of Scouting
Scout Authors on Embracing the Spirit of Scouting