Scouting Wire Has Arrived

Scouting Wire Has Arrived

Welcome to Scouting Wire – your one-stop spot for Scouting news and updates for employees and volunteers.

This resource is designed to help you support the BSA as we work together to mold future leaders. And, true to Scouting’s last century of programs and resources, this hub is focused on providing educational information in a fun and inviting format.

As of today, March 4, 2015, is your home base for the tools and information you need to be successful in serving youth. Bookmark the site and explore the content tailored to your specialized role in the BSA. Find topics you’re most interested in and filter your results by program or organizational level.



Get Connected with Scouting Wire

Scouting Wire is organized so visitors to the site can quickly find what they need by their specific role, as well as by program and key topics. And, in keeping with the BSA’s efforts to open the lines of communication and better connect the Scouting family, Scouting Wire lets visitors share feedback, ideas, and questions that will help us continue to improve the user experience for them.




Scouting Wire connects you to the BSA sites and resources you rely on (, Scouting Newsroom, and the Scouting Works and Scouting magazine sites). The other BSA sites we are all familiar with aren’t going away. In fact, they will all be accessible from Scouting Wire — a single destination for information on all things Scouting.

Subscribing to the newsletter is easy! Enter your name, email, and choose between “volunteer” and “employee” (or both). Next, select the interests that matter most to you. Look out for the first edition today which features 10 can’t-miss stories for both volunteers and employees and then check your inboxes next week for your personalized volunteer and/or employee newsletter.

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Welcome to a new level of idea sharing that will improve the way we deliver Scouting at all levels. Welcome to Scouting Wire.

Gina Circelli

Gina Circelli is the Digital Editor for Boys' Life. She loves sharing news about Scouts who shake up pop culture or contribute to their communities in a big way. If you have story ideas, reach out to the team at


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Scouting Wire Has Arrived
Scouting Wire Has Arrived
Scouting Wire Has Arrived