Take the Winners’ Podium with Olympic Day 2015

Take the Winners’ Podium with Olympic Day 2015

Scouting promotes healthy, active lifestyles for youth. Through the SCOUTStrong Healthy Living Initiative, we bring you ideas and activities you can put to work in your units to get your Scouts moving. That’s where Olympic Day 2015 comes in.

Olympic Day happens all month long in June, with the official day falling on June 23. Celebrations promote the Olympic Movement by motivating communities to get on the move and discover ways to establish and maintain active lifestyles – a lot like the SCOUTStrong Healthy Living Initiative.

To register to host an Olympic Day Event head to http://www.scouting.org/Home/BSAFit/olympicday.aspx and follow the instructions to get active with the support of Team USA.

Why Participate in Olympic Day 2015?

We know the summer is a busy time for your council. So plan to loop Olympic Day in with the Scouting events you have planned for June. Imagine how an Olympic Day event would enhance your summer camps, camporees, 5K fun-runs, field days or athletic tournaments. Or maybe you want to create a stand alone event for Olympic Day.

Aside from getting your Scouts moving, other benefits that come with participation include:

  • An Olympic Day 2015 flag and Team USA stickers (upon registration).
  • Access to the Olympic Day Toolkit, which features event ideas, press release tips, printable certificates and more.
  • The opportunity to host an Olympian or Paralympian who will be prepared to speak on fair play, respect, perseverance, or sportsmanship (athletes are not guaranteed at all Olympic Day events).

In case you’re wondering how the BSA and Olympic Day fit together: The BSA supports the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) via participation in the USOC’s Multi-Sport Organization (MSO) program. As an MSO participant the BSA is one of 37 community-based organizations across the country committed to developing a national interest in sport and focus on sportsmanship.

For more information, head to http://www.scouting.org/SCOUTStrong.aspx and click on the “Olympic Day 2015” icon.


Gina Circelli

Gina Circelli is the Digital Editor for Boys' Life. She loves sharing news about Scouts who shake up pop culture or contribute to their communities in a big way. If you have story ideas, reach out to the team at communications@scouting.org.


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Take the Winners’ Podium with Olympic Day 2015
Take the Winners’ Podium with Olympic Day 2015
Take the Winners’ Podium with Olympic Day 2015