Top 12 Key Takeaways from the BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting

Top 12 Key Takeaways from the BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting

The Boy Scouts of America held its National Annual Meeting (NAM) virtually on May 23-28, 2021, enabling attendees from all over the United States and around the world to tune in remotely to its National Business Meeting and other events throughout the week. Below are the top 12 key takeaways from the meetings.

  1. At a high level, the main focal points for the BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting included working on a resolution to the bankruptcy, further increasing the commitment to youth protection, and growing membership. These topics permeated discussions across multiple meetings during the week and continue to remain a priority.
  2. The 2021 National Annual Meeting marked the official launch of the BSA’s new Service Territory model, which replaces the Region and Area structure. There are now 16 Service Territories, which helps to streamline and simplify the service and communication to councils and volunteers in those locations.
  3. Though COVID-19 prevented some bases from opening last year, this summer, all of the BSA High Adventure Bases will be open and welcoming Scouts to experience the magic of the unique and iconic high-adventure programs at Philmont, Summit Bechtel Reserve, Florida Sea Base, and Northern Tier. The bases are also actively signing up Scouts to participate in 2022 programs next summer.
  4. Scouts around the nation are participating in the Summer of Service, an opportunity for Scouts to do what Scouts do best – serve communities as a force for positivity and goodness in a world that needs the Scouting spirit now more than ever.
  5. NAM featured a look back at some of the key moments for the organization during the past 12 months. This included a focus on the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts and the Be the Change event that celebrated this remarkable group.
  6. The meeting discussed BSA Family Adventure Camp, which invites families (including BSA families, friends, and members of the general public) to enjoy one-of-a-kind vacation adventures for all ages at BSA High Adventure Bases.
  7. The 2021 Class of Silver Buffalo recipients and the 2021 Silver Antelope recipients were celebrated. Rabbi Peter Hyman was presented with the rare Bronze Wolf Award. The Bronze Wolf is an award BSA National Commissioner Scott Sorrels received in 2020
  8. Dan Ownby, national chair of the Boy Scouts of America, will extend his period of service through May of 2023. This extension of service recognizes the extraordinary challenges placed on the BSA during a year unlike any other in the organization’s history. This provides Ownby additional time to support and realize key initiatives in his role.
  9. Brad Tilden, recently retired as CEO of Alaska Airlines, was named national chair-elect for BSA and will serve in that role until moving into the position of national chair in May of 2023 at the conclusion of Ownby’s term.
  10. During the National Executive Board meeting, the board commissioned BSA CEO and President Roger Mosby, designating him as the 14th Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. This further formalizes his ongoing role and commitment to the organization. Roger will continue on in the role of CSE beyond the organization’s emergence from bankruptcy.
  11. This year’s NAM featured the introduction of dedicated Fireside Chat virtual meetings on topics of Safety, Membership Growth, Female Board Leadership, and Governance. 
  12. For 2022, the BSA’s intention is to hold the in-person National Annual Meeting in San Diego on May 23-27.

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Top 12 Key Takeaways from the BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting
Top 12 Key Takeaways from the BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting
Top 12 Key Takeaways from the BSA 2021 National Annual Meeting