Watch: How This Explorer Fine-tuned Her Dreams

Watch: How This Explorer Fine-tuned Her Dreams

As Kori L. walks the halls of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in Las Vegas, NV, she proudly carries the title of Exploring Commander. While she may only be 20 years old, the young dispatcher already has an impressive five years of law enforcement learning under her belt.

Keep reading to find out how she started gaining experience alongside seasoned professionals at an early age.

Kori’s Exploring journey began at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department post in Las Vegas, NV; however, her passion for civil service didn’t begin with Exploring. She heard about the career exploration program though her high school, which is actually geared toward law enforcement and emergency medical training.

A teacher at the school who used to be a dispatcher herself, ignited Kori’s interest in dispatching. Kori shares that between the teacher’s enthusiasm and her involvement in Exploring, she has been able to uncover her potential and pursue her dreams for a future in law enforcement.

“I’ve known that I’ve always wanted a career in law enforcement, and Exploring has just kind of helped me fine-tune that goal,” she said.

The young dispatcher explains that Exploring also has a way of helping local police departments invest in future employees who are familiar with the areas they serve, which in turn, helps strengthen community relationships. Kori shares how Exploring helps youth develop skills that are crucial to community policing efforts.

“You learn how to interact with different people from all different walks of life…. Being in law enforcement, you have to know how to talk to people and know how to engage with people.”

Watch the video below to see why Kori says law enforcement Exploring not only helped her fine-tune her future career plans, but also helped her come out of her shell.

Whether you’re a young person preparing to enter the work force, or an experienced professional, you can get involved in this exciting career exploration program. Head to to find a post near you!

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Watch: How This Explorer Fine-tuned Her Dreams
Watch: How This Explorer Fine-tuned Her Dreams
Watch: How This Explorer Fine-tuned Her Dreams