What This Mom Has to Say About Scouting’s Influence on Her Family

What This Mom Has to Say About Scouting’s Influence on Her Family

Back to school season means it’s time to start signing the kids up for extracurricular activities! But what activity will mean the most to your family?

Scout mom and blogger Heather of A Southern Mom describes on her blog how Scouting was the best choice she made, not only for her son, but for the whole family.

Luckily for Heather, she already knew a bit about what to expect and the positive benefits that Scouting provided after watching her nephew flourish in the program. Yet once she actually signed her son up for Scouting, she was blown away by just how impactful the program really is.

“Cub Scouts has been such a bonding experience for them, but it has also really grown my son socially, academically and has even made a difference in his overall character,” explained Heather on her blog. “Cub Scouts has given him SO much confidence and I think a lot of that is due to the fact that through the Scouting program, your den advances with you. You really get to know those boys and you become family!”

Heather says the ongoing support Scouting has given her son has been “completely priceless” and says although many of the boys have different interests, there’s always something for every boy. Scouting encourages boys of all backgrounds and interests to come together and explore their passions.

How to Join Scouting Sooner

Heather remembers signing up her son in first grade as a Tiger and wishes she could have introduced her son to the program earlier. But now, Heather says she’s thrilled to learn that boys can join Scouting sooner than ever before through the Lion pilot program.

“Let me just say, I LOVE that boys will be able to join Scouting in kindergarten! My daughter was able to join Girl Scouts in kindergarten, so I think having a Scouting program in kindergarten makes perfect sense,” Heather shared. “I feel like my son would have had a lot more confidence in kindergarten if he had had his core group of Cub Scout friends that year.”

cub-scouts-e1472842407705Heather has seen several improvements in her son in just one year after joining Scouting. The program enhanced his reading ability, he was awarded an award for his character and being an outstanding student, and increased his participation in classroom discussions. But Cub Scouts wasn’t the only activity Heather’s son was involved in – he maintained a balanced schedule for other interests, too!

“My son has always done Cub Scouts in conjunction with other extracurricular activities,” Heather explained. “We’ve always put a priority on it because it is his most favorite activity. Even with heavy spring little league, he was still able to make 95% of all den meetings.”

Scouting hasn’t just benefitted Heather’s son – the whole family has experienced the positive outcomes of the program. Heather, her son and her husband have all joined Scouting as a family, making it a great opportunity to have fun and learn together.

“When I think of all that Scouting has done for our family over the course of the past few years, I just can’t help but choke up,” Heather said. “We’ve made wonderful friendships, bonded even more with extended family and learned valuable skills. We all learn in Cub Scouts. It’s time and money so well spent.”

Share this post with your friends and families not in Scouting to showcase some of the many reasons why joining Scouting is a lifelong investment into their sons’ futures. What reasons to join Scouting would you tell your friends and family? Share them in the comments below and head to A Southern Mom for Heather’s complete story.

Hayley Cordaro

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What This Mom Has to Say About Scouting’s Influence on Her Family
What This Mom Has to Say About Scouting’s Influence on Her Family
What This Mom Has to Say About Scouting’s Influence on Her Family