Why 300,000 Users Love Scoutbook

Why 300,000 Users Love Scoutbook

The web app that’s sweeping the Scouting nation has gained a user base of 300,000. With features like progress tracking, text message alerts, and shared calendars, it’s no wonder Scoutbook is appealing to the masses of Scouters who like to have a wealth of resources at their disposal, even on-the-go.

Earlier this year, the BSA acquired the web app to keep Scouting programs fresh and engaging for youth, as well as to provide tools to help adult leaders deliver life-changing experiences with more ease than ever. Since then Scoutbook has been the talk of the Scouting community, as it augments communication and digital-connectedness in units.

Here’s why Scouts and Scouters love Scoutbook:

  • The web app tracks the Scouting experience from Tiger to Eagle Scout. That means a record of advancement, milestone achievements, and fun adventures are all accessible from your device with Scoutbook.
  • Scouting leaders can create calendars, send text alerts, integrate Journey to Excellence, access reports and training resources, and even share content between merit badge counselors using the app.
  • Scoutbook allows parents to see home assignments for Scouts and check them off as they’re completed. They can also see advancement requirements, calendars, and receive text alerts.
  • Scouts can use Scoutbook to keep track of their own advancement, upload photos and videos from activities and events, write journal entries, and message other Scouts and leaders. This gives Scouts the social media interactivity they’re accustomed to, all with a Scouting focus.

Scoutbook puts the power to control the Scouting experience in the hands of its users – that’s leaders, parents, and Scouts who make up the 300,000 people already making the most of this Scouting staple. Does your unit use Scoutbook? Let us know in the poll below.

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Why 300,000 Users Love Scoutbook
Why 300,000 Users Love Scoutbook
Why 300,000 Users Love Scoutbook