5 Jamboree Resources You Gotta Use In Your Council

5 Jamboree Resources You Gotta Use In Your Council

The 2017 Jamboree is quickly approaching and you don’t want your council’s marketing for the event to lag behind, right? Right! Luckily for you, there’s a plethora of jamboree resources available at your fingertips you can utilize via your local council’s website, email marketing, and social media.

From printed materials to digital assets, you can find what you need in the 2017 Jamboree Council Marketing Toolkit. Check out five of the must-use tools you should be incorporating into your jamboree marketing arsenal below.

1. The Jamboree Presentation:

Use this new tool to wow adult staff and volunteers in your council and share what it’s like to “Live Scouting’s Adventure” at the 2017 National Jamboree. This colorful slide deck features the event’s highlights and key changes over 2013.

2017 Jamboree Presentation

2. The Council Planning Guide:

For everything you need to know about the 2017 National Jamboree, download this handy council planning guide. Inside you’ll find everything from roles and responsibilities to what to bring to the daily jamboree schedule. In addition, you can also find information on support services, registration, and fitness requirements, and forming your council jamboree committee.


3. Staff Email Template:

Encourage volunteers and staff in your council to help power the 2017 Jamboree by ramping up your local council’s email marketing strategy. Remind volunteers how essential their roles are to the success of the jamboree by sharing this ready-to-go staff email template. All you have to do is copy, paste, and press send!


4. Jamboree Teaser Video:

Grab the attention of Scouts and volunteers in 30 seconds by sharing this quick jamboree video clip. It’s the perfect resource to share on your council’s social media channels. Head to YouTube to grab the link and embed code or you can click the share arrow in the video below.

5. Online Web Banners:

Make sure your council’s website is decked out in jamboree swag. Banners like the one below and so many more are available for easy download in the council marketing toolkit. You can even share these snappy banners on social media as a simple reminder to your friends and family that the jamboree is coming up soon!

Jambo Banner - Patch 702x300

Score More Resources

This list of five is just a glimpse of what tools are available to you and more are on the way! For additional jamboree information and marketing collateral – including the Branding Guidebook and the complete Council Marketing Toolkit – head to bsajamboree.org. What tools have you been using to boost jamboree registration in your councils? Tell us what’s working for you in the comments below.

Hayley Cordaro

Hayley Cordaro is a member of the Communications team at Boy Scouts of America. She loves sharing inspiring success stories and uncovering new ways volunteers and employees can make the most of their Scouting experience. If you have story ideas or questions, reach out to us at communications@scouting.org.


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5 Jamboree Resources You Gotta Use In Your Council
5 Jamboree Resources You Gotta Use In Your Council
5 Jamboree Resources You Gotta Use In Your Council