Telemundo On How Hispanic Youth Flourish in Scouting

Telemundo On How Hispanic Youth Flourish in Scouting

National Hispanic Heritage Month concluded this month, but despite its end, the BSA is committed to celebrating and reaching children of diverse backgrounds year round. In fact, with dynamic leadership like Chief Diversity Officer Ponce Duran in place, the BSA is impassioned to continue serving Hispanic families from all stretches of the globe.

Telemundo KXTX met up with a Spanish language troop from the Circle Ten Council at the National Scouting Museum to get the low down on how Scouting is making waves in Hispanic communities. Read on to hear what the troop and Duran have to say about how Scouting reaches Hispanic youth.

Building Leaders in Hispanic Communities

Scouts of all cultures and backgrounds are invited to experience the adventures of Scouting. They have the opportunity to foster relationships in their community, camp in the great outdoors, explore their interests, and learn new skills that will prepare them for the future.

“The main goal is that they learn, but that they do so while having fun,” shared Scoutmaster Jose Villarreal. “We want them to learn while doing things that they enjoy.”

Villarreal says introducing Scouts to camping is a great way to encourage Scouting’s Leave No Trace principle which focuses respecting wildlife, other campers, and the environment. 

Scouts on Telemundo“They teach us that we can improve, they teach us rules, and they teach us how we can help the community,” shared Boy Scout Angel R.

Villarreal notices significant improvements in the boys since joining the program. Among the most positive changes, Villarreal points to the Scouts’ improved behavior and school grades.

But the Scouts aren’t the only ones engaging in exciting learning opportunities – adults are too! Scouting makes a difference to the entire family and helps build a community of leaders of all ages. 

“We’ve learned first aid, as well as how to communicate,” explained Olivia Mendoza, a parent and troop volunteer. “When we go out and sell cards, for example, or popcorn, this helps us learn how to communicate with people.”

Chief Diversity Officer Ponce Durán says his goal is that more boys, especially Hispanic boys, live out the positive learning experiences that Scouting offers.

“The values of the Boy Scouts are the same as the values held by Hispanic families,” explained Durán. “And all the programs help children become leaders.”

Check out the video below to hear the Telemundo segment in Spanish and learn more about how the BSA is taking action to serve multicultural markets.   

Boy Scouts on Telemundo

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Telemundo On How Hispanic Youth Flourish in Scouting
Telemundo On How Hispanic Youth Flourish in Scouting
Telemundo On How Hispanic Youth Flourish in Scouting