What does Exploring do? How does it work? What tangible benefits does it provide for students and community leaders? These questions can be hard to answer, but they’re an important way to demonstrate the real value of Exploring. Providing hard data to potential participants can help convince them that yes, Exploring is right for them!

Fact sheets are a great way to provide this information in a way that’s simple and memorable. Make sure you bring one on every sales call, and leave it behind for easy reference in case the potential participant has any questions.

*More fact sheets coming soon!

  • Nationwide Career Survey Results

    An infographic of the 2016 combined (Scantron and online) career survey results. This eye-catcher is helpful to share with schools when discussing the survey and with business leaders when discussing the possibility of starting a new unit.


  • US DE Correlations

    Share these correlations with school administrators and educators.


  • Insurance

    A detailed explanation of both general liability and accident and sickness insurance coverage.


  • Scholarships

    A complete list of scholarships offered to Explorers in a variety of career field posts.


  • The First 3, 6, 9 Weeks

    So the CEO just agreed to start an Exploring program. This is a snapshot of what should be happening within the first nine weeks of saying yes to Exploring.