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  • Arts & Humanities

    Imagine having a job that encouraged you to be as creative as possible. In Arts & Humanities Career Exploring, students are given the tools to take beautiful photographs, write beautiful poetry and prose, or take to the stage. There’s no limit to what Arts & Humanities Explorers can achieve!

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  • Aviation

    Everyone dreams of flying. Aviation Exploring gives kids the tools, guidance, and expertise to turn those dreams into a career. Young men and women gain hands-on experience and learn from aviation professionals, which sets them up for future success in the aviation industry.

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  • Business

    The applications of Business Career Exploring are virtually limitless! Participants can learn how to run a small business, manage projects, or tackle exciting marketing challenges, and that’s just scratching the surface. Business Exploring prepares students for success in dynamic business environments no matter their career focus!

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  • Communications

    Participating in Communications Career Exploring opens the doors to creative and exciting careers that are always in high demand. From the glamour of television to the innovation of tech communications, participants will learn how to develop ideas, tell stories, and use beautiful design to connect with audiences.

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  • Engineering & Technology

    Engineering and technology careers are growing fast. Students who choose to pursue Engineering & Technology Career Exploring can find themselves on the cutting edge of careers in flight and aerospace, at the forefront of robotics research, and in many other careers emphasizing science, technology, engineering, and math skills.

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  • Fire & EMS

    For students who dream of saving lives in a fast-paced environment, there’s no better introduction than Fire & EMS Career Exploring. Participants will learn how to serve others and develop specialized skills that can literally save lives while making network connections that can help them take their first steps into their dream career.

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  • Health Care

    The medical field is complex and ever changing, but Health Care Career Exploring gives students the opportunity to learn from top professionals in all types of health care fields. From looking at X-rays to rehabbing injuries, students will learn the latest techniques and gain valuable insight into a career in the medical arts.

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  • Law & Government

    For students who want to fight for justice and help their communities be the best they can be, Law & Government Career Exploring provides the perfect introduction. Participants can learn about everything from criminal defense to urban planning, and will develop vital teamwork and leadership skills that apply to any career they choose to pursue!

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  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement is one of  Exploring’s most popular career fields. Whether participants are interested in learning about careers in local, state, or federal law enforcement, the program provides opportunities to learn directly from officers, community leaders, and criminal justice professionals. Participants learn exactly what it takes to pursue a career in law enforcement, and what takes place behind the scenes!

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  • Science

    STEM professionals are in higher demand than ever, and Science Career Exploring prepares students for highly desirable careers in the science field of their choice. The need for highly trained and competent professionals will only increase, and Science Exploring is an amazing opportunity for participants to learn what a career in their favorite scientific field is really all about!

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  • Skilled Trades

    For students who want the reward of working with their hands and creating something, there’s no better choice than Skilled Trades Career Exploring! Learning from experienced craftsmen and women will provide participants with firsthand knowledge of what it takes to master a trade, and set them up for success in the trade of their choice.

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  • Social Services

    Making a difference in people’s lives is a rewarding and challenging career, and Social Services Career Exploring prepares participants for success in their chosen field. Hands-on experience gained through the Exploring program provides students with essential Social Services tools and introduces them to the demands of diverse Social Services careers.

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