Pack and Den Recruiting

Strengthen Your Pack. Find Your Purpose.


The best things in Scouting happen at the unit level. It’s true for life changing experiences that happen in every pack meeting, and it’s true for recruiting as well. When packs and dens get involved, more boys are introduced to the adventure of Scouting than through any other recruiting campaign or method. We can’t do it without you!

Below, you’ll find resources and tips for making recruiting a fun and enjoyable experience that keeps the bigger picture in focus: growing your unit to reach more kids, strengthen your packs and have more fun!

  • Sign-Up Night Playbook

    Sign-up nights, such as back-to-school nights, are a great opportunity to give families a first look at what Scouting can provide to a family like theirs. Learn how to host an effective sign-up night with this playbook.


  • Case Study: Cub Scout Recruiting in North Florida

    After listening to feedback from youth and parents, North Florida Council changed the way it conducted sign-up nights and saw dramatic results. Learn more in the case study.


  • Social Media Images

    Looking for a great Scouting photo to share on your pack’s Facebook page? How about a profile image for Instagram? Look no further.