Council and District Recruiting

Introducing Families to the Adventure of Scouting

2018 Growth Plan


The 2018 Growth Plan for the BSA is simple. It contains the same four key elements you’ve been hearing about throughout 2017; but with a historic addition!

  • SCOUT ME IN – Our new campaign to recruit more Cub Scouts and welcome new families with sons and/or daughters to Scouting. We recognize that traditional metrics like Market Share will be impacted for some time, but until all the changes get fully implemented, reporting numbers like TAY will not change.
  • EXPLORING EXPLOSION  Providing more opportunities to our co-ed young adult market, focusing on the workplace…and introducing them to exciting new career fields.
  • UNITS – Recruiting more youth means we will need more packs, troops, teams, crews, ships, and posts. Your plans should include the organization of exceptional new units and the retention of existing ones.
  • PILOTS – STEM Scouts continues to expand now up to 30 councils.  The Lion Pilot continues to grow and is part of the Cub Scout Program in 2018!

Putting the Plan into Action

Strategy, Tactics, Execution

Council staff should take these actions in support of the 2018 Growth Plan.

  1. Schedule a Growth Conference – a staff meeting or special meeting to review your market and prepare your plan for 2018.
  2. Use the Council/District Growth Plan booklet (link below) and the current market analysis to understand where you need to grow.
  3. Understand the 4 components of the 2018 Growth Plan.
  4. Develop a plan to double the size of your council and district membership committees using the Growth Plan by June 30, 2018
Download the 2018 Growth Workbook

Scout Me In

It is well documented that newly registered Cub Scouts have a far greater Scouting experience if they are provided an opportunity to participate in a Scouting activity within a few weeks after they join. For this purpose, it is recommended that you select a council- and district-wide theme for recruiting and deliver quickly a themed Scouting experience. To assist in your planning, there are playbooks around four common themes used by councils across the country. Click below for more information.

  • On Target with Scouting

    The On Target with Scouting program is designed to support district and council Cub Scout recruiting efforts through a BSA partnership with Daisy Outdoor Products and their distribution locations.


  • Hooked on Scouting

    The Hooked on Scouting program has been developed to leverage the fun activity of fishing in order to reel in new Scouts during the recruiting season.


  • Rocket Into Scouting

    The Rocket Into Scouting program leverages an activity that kids love (building and launching rockets) while showing parents that Scouting will foster their child’s creativity, initiative, and sense of wonder.


  • Science of Scouting

    The Science of Scouting recruiting program is designed to stimulate the great minds of our youth through engaging activities in the world of science.


  • Camping with Cub Scouts

    The Camping with Cub Scouts program is a special campaign designed to make your recruitment efforts as exciting as a Cub Scout’s first night under a blanket of a million stars.


Recruitment/Growth Tactics

To many staff and volunteers, the following tactics are second-nature. To some, however, they may be new. If you haven’t yet used these tactics, give them a try. They are time-tested and proven!

Membership Inventories

Unit leaders and Unit Commissioners working in collaboration with local units to guarantee all youth who are participating, that applications have been processed. Conduct inventories twice a year in October and April.

School Talks

The school talk recruiting presentation is a three to five minute talk to potential members who are interested in joining the Scouting program usually held during the day. In addition, to school presentations, can be given at community centers, churches, and directly to other youth organizations.

Fall/Spring Recruiting

To enroll prospective Lions, Tigers, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and their families into existing packs and troops, and to enlist parent participation in the program.

BeAScout provides a 24/7 resource for interested parents to learn more about Scouting and its programs, the benefits and experience, all from any location with a web-connected device.

Peer to Peer Recruitment

Consider having a recruitment campaign within the pack and troop. Offer incentives to each Scout who brings in a friend, as well as an overall prize for the top recruiter.

Webelos to Scout Transition

Boys joining troops from Webelos dens continue to be the best resource for growing the troop and expanding patrols. Many thriving troops have a close working relationship with a Cub Scout pack that provides them with a new group of enthusiastic youth every year.

Roster Checks (Any event that occurs at the council)

Check rosters for all youth registrants at all district and council events and activities to ensure that every Scout participating is registered.

Career Interest Survey

Provides contact information of students who could be invited to join a Post, a club, or even a crew. Demonstrates to prospective participating organizations just how many high school students could join their program. Builds relationships with participating schools.

Resources and Links

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